Check your rent

Would you like to know whether you are paying the right amount or too much rent? Complete the Rent Tribunal's rent check. It will immediately show you whether the rent in your tenancy contract (also known as the starting rent) is correct.

During the check, you will be answering questions about such things as floor space, facilities and heating. The answers yield a number of points. These points determine the legally allowed maximum basic rent. This the rent you pay without additional service charges, such as charges for gas, electricity, water, carpeting, curtains and furniture. The rent check will provide you with a good estimate of whether the amount in your tenancy contract is correct. For more information on the Rent Tribunal and its proceedings, see The information on this website is in Dutch only. Non-Dutch speakers are advised to ask colleagues or friends for help where necessary. It is allowed to bring an interpreter of advisor to hearings of the Rent Tribunal (Huurcommissie).

Self-contained accommodation has its own entrance and does not have a shared toilet, kitchen or bathroom.