Tips: How to negotiate with your landlord

These tips can help with checking your rent or discussing your rent with your landlord. It's always a good idea to discuss the results of the rent check with your landlord first, either by phone or in person. If you prefer taking your time to consider how to put things, you can do so in writing. You can always choose to involve the Rent Tribunal later. Take careful note of the deadlines that the Rent Tribunal applies.

General tips

  • Complete the rent check together with household members or your neighbours. There is strength in numbers.
  • A number of university towns have a Rent Team (Huurteam) that assists tenants in negotiating with their landlords regarding rent. The Dutch Student Union (Landelijke Studentenvakbond, LSVb) operates a student helpline that also provides free legal advice.
  • Back up your case with solid arguments, always remain friendly and polite and refer your landlord to the rent check.
  • If speaking to the landlord yields no results, address the matter in writing. Never hesitate to involve the Rent Tribunal.
  • Do not allow yourself to be intimidated. Do not believe landlords who claim they can terminate your tenancy contract because you want a lower rent. This is not allowed under the law.

Tips for a good discussion with your landlord

  • Put what you want to say in writing first, jotting down key words and phrases.
  • If you will be phoning, find a quiet room or place to call from.
  • Call right away and do not postpone doing so, since you will only dread it more later.
  • Explain that you believe you are paying too much rent.
  • Refer the landlord to the rules and regulations (points system and tenancy protection).
  • Always remain polite.
  • Bring along your parents or a close acquaintance to a personal meeting.

Tips for a good email to your landlord

  • Keep your email business-like, well-considered, rational and to the point. This will increase your chances of reaching an agreement on your proposal to lower the rent.
  • Clearly indicate who you are and which rental address is concerned.
  • Introduce your story and then make your point.
  • Make sure that all personal and address details are correct.